SSC Complete Plan to boost your preparation

Why to buy this plan?


Hema Lakshme

CGL Aspirant
"I appreciate you guys for doing these contests and motivating the aspirants in doing more. I thank you for conducting tests every now and then and motivating us and being such an amazing foundation for us"

Sai prasad

CHSL Aspirant
"It's a very good initiative to conduct exams for government job aspirants and benefiting them with gifts at free of cost."

Mohd Sarim

CGL Aspirant
"Exam Lounge is the best platform to showcase your talent and win exciting prizes. Exam Lounge is simply amazing. I thank you for conducting tests every now and then and motivating us and being such an amazing foundation for us."


How many tests do I get when I buy the Paid Plan?

With the paid plan, you will get 10 Full Length Mock Test each with complete video solution (SSC CGL tier 1 and tier 2, SSC CHSL,SSC MTS) in English and Hindi, 60 sectional test each, daily quizzes, notes, previous year paper. With this you will also get personal guidance from esteemed mentors.

What are different paid plans available?

Paid Plan is a special membership that unlocks all Test Series and video courses available on Exam Lounge on website/app. Currently, there are 3 paid plans available at Exam Lounge.

When will my plan expire?

It depends on which plan you’ve purchased. Validity of the plan is mentioned on the plan details page. You can also check this in your settings or your plan page.

Will I be able to access my tests after my plan expires?

No, You won't be able to attempt tests after your plan expires. To access Tests, you will have to renew the respective plan.

Will all of my attempted tests be available during the Plan validity period?

Yes, till your Plan is valid, you can review attempted tests.

Will all of my enrolled Test Series be available during the Exam Lounge Plan validity Period?

Yes, till your plan is valid, you can see all the Test Series of SSC Exams until your plan expires.

What happens if I renew the Plan before the expiry date?

If you renew the plan before the expiry date, the duration of plan simply gets added to the remaining days in your currently active plan. For example, if you renew your monthly plan 10 days before the expiry date, your renewed plan will now be valid for a total of 40 days.

Can I attempt a test multiple times?

A test can be attempted only once. However, you can refer to the solutions and analysis of the attempted tests as many times as you want.

I do not have online payment activated, can I use any other mode for payment?

You can use your Debit card, ATM card, Credit card, Netbanking account or payment wallets like Paytm to pay for the package. If you do not have any of the above payment methods, send us an email at and we will suggest an alternative method.

How can I apply for the refund?

Once payment is made for a plan purchase, it is considered final and refund regarding the same cannot be initiated. If you have concerns regarding the same, you can mail us at and we will definitely try to resolve it.

My money got deducted twice while making the transaction, what should I do?

You do not need to worry! Generally, one of the transactions gets refunded back to your bank account automatically. In case this does not happen, you can reach out to us at and we will track your payment to get it refunded.

My transaction failed, but money got deducted from my account, what should I do?

In case you have entered a wrong email-id or phone number, please send us an email at with your order details, correct phone number, correct email id and scanned copy of your identity proof (driving license/voter card/aadhar card). We assure that we will get back to you.

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