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What is Exam Lounge?

Exam Lounge is a learning platform founded by IIT Kanpur alums in the year 2020. Here at Exam Lounge, students compete not only with other students but with themselves as well. The students learn step by step and analyze how prepared they actually are for the competitive exam. Students explore their knowledge and learn new concepts. Students get a cumulative view of their progress. We believe that every mind is unique and different. Our aim is to help the students learn and improve at their own pace. It is our vision to provide free education to every deserving student.

How to use ExamLounge.com?

Firstly register/login to your Exam Lounge account. For now you can access all the content for Railway Exams. You can go to the Test Section and attempt Previous Year Tests, Mock Tests, Section Tests and Chapter Tests. You can also go to the Blog Section to read and Learn the concepts. You can go to Dashboard to know your Preparation percentage for your exam.

We are working hard to bring more and more exams. Soon you will be able to see content for other Exams as well.


How to change my user name and profile picture on Exam Lounge?

Your account name is linked to the account you've logged in from or the name you chose while creating your account. You can change your profile picture and username any time by going to the profile Section on the top right part of Dashboard."

I've lost my password. How can I login now?

Please go to the login page and use the forgot password option. You will receive a mail with your new password and instructions on how to change your password."

Can I login with a new account on Exam Lounge if I lose access to my previous account?

Yes you can, although your saved progress will not be accessible as they were linked to your old account. In case of any such problem you can always email to support@examlounge.com

I am not able to log-in to Exam Lounge or pages are not loading properly. What to do?

Please send us the screenshot on support@examlounge.com and we'll look into it.

Language and Devices

Can I take the tests from a PC/Laptop/Mobile?

Yes, you can take the tests on mobile/PC/Laptop. Just visitExamLounge.comon any device. On mobile - you can attempt our tests using any standard browser. Apart from mobile, you can take the tests from a laptop/pc on an updated web browser. For best experience - please use Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

Can I change the language?

You can change the language before you start the tests by clicking on your preferred language in the instruction page. You can also change the language in the middle of the tests- At the top right of every question you'll see a button “Change to Hindi”/“Change to English” . By clicking on it you can switch the language between Hindi and English.


How do I start the tests and how do I complete them?

You can start the test by clicking the ‘Start now' button. Exam Lounge’s test interfaces are kept as close to the actual exam interface as possible. The first page contains instructions about taking the test and the marking scheme. Finishing the test can be done by clicking the submit button. Or, once the time is over, your answers are automatically submitted.


What is the cost of subscribing to Exam Lounge?

It’s completely free. You can take as many tests as you want. All the available material is completely free.

Become an Educator

How can I become an Educator at Exam Lounge?

Please write to us on support@examlounge.com and we'll get in touch with you.

Other Queries

For any other queries you can write to us support@examlounge.com

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