Privacy Policy

By participating in the service you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. We recommend you to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully.

Information we collect from you

When you use the platform of Exam Lounge by the way of registering, creating an account or log in to practice for your competitive exams, Exam Lounge may need your information including name, email address, age, gender, city, mobile etc to verify you as an authentic user.

Use of information collected

  • Exam Lounge will use your information to validate you as a user when you decide to use the platform. Being a valid user of the platform will give you access to the services, it will notify you when changes are made in the terms and condition or privacy policy, it will notify when features get updated or a new feature is added. The services also include the management of the user account.
  • By registering to our platform you agree and confirm to give your consent to provide Exam Lounge with your previously mentioned personal information which is lawfully necessary and permissible.
  • We will only retain personal information as long as you continue to use our platform. You at all times have the choice to discontinue. Exam Lounge will not provide you with its services in the absence or denial of information as mentioned above.
  • Any question or answer that you post in the ask doubt section will not be personal information.
  • Based on your personal information the platform will keep a record of your progress and will keep you updated about your improvements.

Privacy policy when you login with Facebook

Your Privacy is important to us. You can connect to Exam Lounge through Facebook’s API when you register for Exam Lounge or after you have registered. When you connect to Exam Lounge through Facebook, once the account gets registered we will collect, store and use data in accordance to this privacy policy and all the information that you have agreed that Facebook could provide to Exam Lounge through its API. Your agreement and our access to your information will only be accepted when you instruct, accept or allow Facebook to register you to Exam Lounge account or otherwise connect to Exam Lounge through Facebook. No information will be shared or published without the user’s consent. The information Exam Lounge may access, collect and store may include:

  • Your Name
  • Your profile photo
  • Your email address
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your interests
  • Your city
  • Other information allowed by the user, Facebook API and Facebook privacy settings.

We need to be sure that you are a real person registered to our website because you are a knowledge seeker and your actions won’t damage the performance, availability and accessibility of our website. We assure you that your information is stored only to keep a track of your incremental growth of knowledge. This is an educational website and will help the users to practice, improve and analyze their performance.

Amendments to the privacy policy

To protect privacy and security, it’s essential to verify the identity of the person who registers on the platform. Before granting him/ her account access or letting the person correct the information, the verification of the identity is essential. Create and maintain a strong password to ensure the security of your account.

Your Rights

You may
  • Access, review and change data you may have provided.
  • Correct data that may be inaccurate.
  • Erase data under your possession but if it’s a required data that information should be provided. You can modify it but can’t completely erase it.

Information from integrated services like Facebook and Google

If you choose to log in using a third-party service your identity will be verified and respecting their privacy policy the information that you have shared to be public with the third party will be stored as your personal information.

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