Geometry Practice Questions Day 74

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Practice Problems
Question 1: In a triangle ABC, D and E are two mid points of sides AB and AC respectively. If angle BAC = 40 and angle ABC = 65, then angle CED is?
A: 130
B: 75
C: 25
D: 105

Question 2: D and E are two points on the side AC and BC respectively of ΔABC such that DE = 18cm and CE = 5cm and angle DEC = 90. If tan ABC = 3.6, then AC: BD?

Question 3: In ΔABC, AD is perpendicular to BC and AD² = BD.DC. The measure of angle BAC is?
A: 60
B: 75
C: 90
D: 45

Question 4: In ΔABC, AB=BC=K, AC = √2K, then ΔABC is a?
A: isosceles
B: right angled
C: equilateral
D: right isosceles triangle

Question 5: G is centroid of the triangle ABC, where AB, BC and CA are 7cm, 24cm and 25cm respectively, then BG is?
A: 19/3
B: 25/3
C: 11/2
D: 25/2

Question 6: ΔABC and ΔDEF are similar. Also angle A = angle d and angle B = angle E. If 4AB = DE and BC = 12cm, then EF is equal to?
A: 3
B: 24
C: 16
D: 48

Question 7: ABCD is a rectangle where the ratio of the length of AB and BC is 3:2. If P is the mid-point of AB, then the value of sinCPB is?
A: 3/5
B: 2/5
C: 3/4
D: 4/5

Question 8: The length of the two adjacent sides of a rectangle inscribed in a circle are 5cm and 12 cm respectively. Then the radius of the circle will be?
A: 6
B: 6.5
C: 8
D: 8.5

Question 9: PQRS is a rectangle in which side of PQ = 24cm and qr = 16cm. T is a point on RS. What is the area of the triangle PTQ?
A: 192
B: 162
C: 148
D: Cannot be determined

Question 10: ABCD is a square and CDE is an equilateral triangle outside the square. What is the value of angle BEC?
A: 15
B: 30
C: 25
D: 10

Answers and Solutions
1:- D, 105

2:- C, 2BC:CE

3:- C, 90

4:- B, right angled

5:- B, 25/3

6:- D, 48

7:- D, 4/5

8:- B, 6.5

9:- A, 192

10:- A, 15

Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav

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